May 02 '19
Product Cost Reduction

I recently had a conversation with my old friend and colleague Jeffrey Anthony (Synaptic Co-Founding Partner) on our long-time Product and Process Cost Reduction collaboration that has spanned dozens of client successes over more than a decade. These successes have been typified by results expanded on in the various Case Studies and Whitepapers listed here

A systematic, continuous approach to Cost Reduction is something we've learned quite a bit about since our first cost reduction engagement with a major auto manufacturer in Germany many years ago and on through dozens of engagements in the U.S. and eight other countries with clients as varied as manufacturers of consumer electronics, industrial controls, manufacturing and robotic equipment, avionics, and even, to our great delight, a well-known Sonoma Valley winemaker!

Our now highly refined and matured cost reduction methodology -- Synaptic Enterprise-Wide Cost Reduction℠ (SECR℠) -- came from Jeffrey Anthony's synergizing elements of Value Analysis, Lean / Kaizen, Six Sigma, TQM, and Agile and, I daresay, my many years of factory floor experience bringing to the methodology many of its "nuts and bolts" details.

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Günther Weiß
Synaptic Manufacturing Practice Leader
May 02 '19
New RMPM Client

Today we have a new client coming into the Risk Modulated Project Management℠ fold. A manufacturer of offshore drilling equipment and related systems, they are eager to bring their three-discipline designs (EE, Mech E, and embedded and web SW Engineering) to market Sooner.

As a first step, leaders from across the business -- Engineering, Operations, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, etc -- are attending our three-day RMPM℠ seminar.

Risk Modulated Project Management℠ more precisely and effectively targets resources from across the organization to produce step change improvements in the development of of new Products and Services with:

  • Time-to-Market reduction on the order of 15%
  • Estimation accuracy improvement of 20% to 30%
  • Field Failure Rate reduction on average by more than 20%
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